Parquet LVT Flooring

Click Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring or LVT for short, is currently the fastest growing floor covering in the world. It’s a great choice of anyone who wants a practical floor that is easy to install and highly resistant to moisture.


LVT flooring, or click vinyl floors, require very little maintenance and best of all, they are great in areas where moisture it presents such as bathrooms.

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Our parquet style click LVT flooring is extremely versatile and very hard wearing. We think it looks really great but let’s start with the long long list of benefits that this vinyl floor has. First up, it is waterproof making it perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as it is able to cope with spills and puddles without distorting the shape of the floor. It’s also anti-slip rated so great for pets and kids too. Milltown oak has a very high wear rating so it is perfect for heavy traffic areas such as hallways or even offices and coffee shops. It is UV coated so the sunlight will not change the colour of this floor, even after a long time. It is resistant to staining, so those wine spills won’t do much harm anymore. This luxury vinyl tile floor uses an innovative tap down click making installation quicker and easier. We recommend having a rubber mallet for installing this floor as it will give you the easiest method for installation and a better finish. For all click vinyl flooring, it is important to ensure that your sub-floor is level. An uneven sub-floor can affect the performance and lifespan of any LVT.


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